Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ah, the pitter-patter of little feet...

Someone's kids are apparently with them at work today. I hope it's not because they're sick! There's enough of that going around. I can put up with the darting around and high-pitched yammering to a point, but I won't enjoy it if it goes on all afternoon. :-\

Went over to campus to give blood today at the Dream Factory of Central New York's second annual blood drive in conjunction with the Cornell Lacrosse team. Apparently the turnout of Lacrosse player volunteers wasn't up to snuff! The senior defenseman who was defending the cookie table commented that he was expecting more of his buddies to join him.

According to the nurses, there's an even worse shortage than usual for this time of year because they've had to cancel several blood drives in the northern parts of New York that have been clobbered by snow over the last couple of weeks. Today's drive is good timing; we're about to get socked ourselves. They're at G10 Biotech until 5:00 if you're on or near campus and are eligible to give blood. (Public service announcement to potential female donors: thanks for wearing V-neck sweaters!)

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