Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

That time already?

One of the disadvantages to my office move upstairs is that the doors are locked at what feels like mid-afternoon. I think they're locked a little earlier than usual today, even. If I go to the bathroom, I better have my keys with me, or I'm not gettin' back in. People prop various doors open a lot, since the second floor doesn't clear out as early as the basement always did. But, downstairs, the only lockable door I had to worry about was the one into my suite shared with four people (and a student or two at times). If I didn't lock it, it wasn't locked. I could go to the men's room or the water cooler, or even up to the kitchen or mailroom on the first floor, and my office would still be unlocked when I got back.

Also, the microwave is beeping plaintively every minute or so, to inform whoever nuked a frozen dinner at some point that it's ready. It was ready when I made a cup of tea 15 minutes ago.

Mmm, tea.

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