Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Time for bed?

A fun Mardi Gras evening, with hockey followed by drinks at [info]Maxie's Supper Club. Great hockey game, and my friends even won! They didn't seem to be expecting to, and were talking earlier about how they could continue in the playoffs with a tie, or with a loss by not too many goals. So, it was a treat, if a bit foggy down at Cass Park. (It's certainly been worse.)

Maxie's was fun, too, though they were already winding down a bit. Unfortunately, after the bartenders bounced our drink order back and forth a bit, then fumbled with someone else's credit cards for a few minutes, they couldn't take my food order. "Oh," she said, looking up at the clock, which read 11:00. "The kitchen just closed." Yeesh. The music was over before we got there (about 10:45) and they were going to be closing up entirely at midnight. I guess even on Mardi Gras, this town rolls up the sidewalks early on a weeknight!

This was even more frustrating, about ten minutes later, when a party walked in that had called ahead and been told they were open until 12, and expected food. I gather a quick check revealed the kitchen would make them some food. Soon after this, I asked the bartender, who'd promised to track down some cornbread or something if we couldn't have anything else, for an update. She apologized and went to find some cornbread.

Not that I needed to stay out too late, but I was looking forward to that Cajun popcorn! Just maddeningly poor service on the part of the bartender, who should have said something a little sooner if the "late night bites" were about to become unavailable. Anyway, we had parked at a not-yet-bussed table with our drinks, and when I noticed our waitress from Saturday night wander out into the bar area with her plate of post-shift food and look around for a free spot, I invited her to join us. She and her husband hung out and chatted with us for a while while she ate and they each had a couple of drinks. Fun folks! They actually met at Maxie's several years ago, when he was a cook there. She apparently had a great night, including a party of eight that all ordered tenderloins and lots of drinks, with a check that topped $500.

I should now be unwound enough to get some sleep. (Though now I'm realizing how hungry I am. Ah well.) Good night!

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