Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Not a good hockey weekend, but a good weekend...

Stuffed French ToastWhen I saw the stuffed french toast on the list of specials at the Breakfast Club, an old-fashioned rail-car diner in Boston, I knew I had to get it. Not quite the same as the french toast sandwich at Andy's 3rd Street Cafe, but damn close. It had cream cheese between the slices, and was topped with cinnamon and apples. Delicious. Not sure why it was $8 when there were other french toast topped-with-fruit options for $4-5 (cream cheese isn't that expensive), but I decided not to worry about it. Breakfast there again Sunday. The waitress remembered us and took good care of us again; we tipped well.

This weekend featured a lot of driving and not all that much sleeping, but other than the hockey, it was a good weekend. Lots of hanging out with friends, including some quality puppy time yesterday! Before leaving Boston, willdevine and I went over to Lisa and Kevin's place to play with Rio. I figured he was just being friendly, but Lisa was convinced he remembered me from last fall. Not sure how to tell. :-) Either way, he seems to like having me around.

We did a fair amount of wandering around Cambridge on Saturday, which I also enjoyed. Until last night, the weekend weather was sunny and cold, which is absolutely fine with me. It made for good walking. More later on Saturday's adventures.

I suppose the less said about the hockey, the better. Cornell looked as though they'd left their stamina behind in New York. They were taking shots but not having much luck; there were a couple of crossbars and posts where a millimeter or two would have meant a goal. The luck is in the stats; despite two losses to finish their regular season, Cornell finished fourth in the standings (thanks to Clarkson beating Quinnipiac) and picked up a first-round bye this weekend for the upcoming playoffs. They have home ice in almost two weeks for the ECACHL quarterfinals, and plenty of time in between to train, practice, and rest.

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