Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


There were no parking spaces when I tried to go to work this morning, so I turned around and went shopping, which I needed to do anyway. Of course, I discovered this after waiting a while, stuck on Pine Tree Road, while CUPD helped direct a tractor-trailer driver who needed to turn around. There's an overpass on Pine Tree just south of Route 366, and anything really tall can't drive through there. (Even more fun is when the drivers miss the warning signs, and end up stuck down there.)

One of the CUPD officers also parked in exactly the wrong place in the traffic lane, such that the truck, after backing into the Courtside parking lot and trying to pull back out, nearly jackknifed to avoid the CUPD SUV.

At any point, of course, I could have turned around and hit the RIte-Aid, where I knew I wanted to go later today to take advantage of one of their periodic buy-one-get-one-free sales on a few vitamin lines, including the Rite-Aid and Rite-Aid/GNC brands, and Nature Made, or something like that. I discovered last week that my Vitamin C (which I rarely take solo) is long expired, and I've been running low on a couple of other things. There's also a BOGO sale on Rite-Aid peanuts right now, and while I was there, I decided to try the store brand version of Airborne. (Their actual Airborne is about a buck more than most stores sell it for.)

Eventually made it back to work, and there was one parking space available in the lower lot. Took it.

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