Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

In Tony's honor...

salad! Dinner on Monday night was at the absolutely wonderful Golden Ox restaurant.

It dates back to 1949 or so, and is in the old Kansas City Live Stock Exchange building. When they first opened, they could walk out back, pick a cow, and cook it up!

Kansas City is certainly known for its steaks, and now I know why. My Kansas City Strip was fantastic, and Mike's top sirloin was even better. (Next time I'll know.) This restaurant also impressed me by being the first place I'd been in a long time with a better scotch selection than mine. The Glenmorangie Sherry Wood is just plain yummy!

They also have a wonderful hot artichoke-shrimp dip that's served with bagel chips as an appetizer. The dish has probably been around for decades, though I imagine it didn't start out as bagel chips! The steaks look pricey on the menu, but your meal includes soup or a salad (such as the tasty Caesar salad pictured here, just before I devoured it), and a side dish or vegetable (I had fantastic garlic mashed potatoes).

The restaurant's decor features lots of gorgeous, dark wood. I really look forward to getting back here, not only so I can see all of these friends again, but also so I can eat at the Golden Ox again! Actually, I'm especially pleased that I've gotten to know several folks a lot better this week. Some of the people that I'd really only known casually before, I now feel a real friendship with. And the folks I knew were friends before, I feel even closer to.

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