Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

SlickSlick here is the horse that drew us in the carriage for our beautiful ride after dinner on Monday night. Nine of us hopped into this "limo" and enjoyed a ride through the Plaza area of KC, which is beautifully lit from Thanksgiving to New Year's each year.

Apparently Kansas Power & Light pays the electrical expense for all of the lights. It does wonderful things for downtown tourism, I'm sure. There were a steady stream of people getting on these horsedrawn carriages.

JosieWe then ran some folks over to Carl and Pam's house, since they were staying there and Carl and Pam only had the pickup truck with them. i.e., not enough room for people in the truck, much less their luggage! We got to meet Josie, Carl and Pam's dog, who's a real sweetie! Pam rescued her when she would otherwise have been destroyed. She's a mix of Malamute and Great Pyrennees. (sp?)

More later. :-)

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