Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Neat. I just got e-mail from to let me know that a $1 bill I registered last October (between getting it in 50/50 change at Lynah Rink and tipping a Jade Garden delivery driver with it) was just sighted in Buffalo. Its average speed is just under a mile a day. :-)

I don't register every bill... I sometimes go months between getting the urge to put some bills in the system. But it's sometimes fun to see what turns up.

I thought belatedly of entering the bills in my pockets during my travels last weekend. I should have paid for my coffee in the Philadelphia airport with a registered bill, and then watched where it went. I did add a few later in the day, and spent some registered bills in Atlanta that weekend and then back at PHL on Sunday night. None has turned up yet, but I bet bills spent in airports get lots of mileage!

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