Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Lazy Day

Delicious brunch as always at [info]Maxie's Supper Club with some of the hockey gang plus a couple of random friends. When we parked across the street at 11:30 and saw the empty parking lot, I was afraid Maxie's had once again closed for brunch unexpectedly, but no... it was just ludicrously slow! No doubt thanks in large part to the early start to Daylight Saving Time. I even have half of my cured salmon benedict left for tomorrow! (Tonight's dinner? Leftover Hot Truck from last night.)

Last night's Quinnipiac win meant that Cornell's hockey season is over. Ah well! The season had its ups and downs, thanks not only to several key players graduating last year, but also a few unexpected departures for the pros over the summer. Loads of underclassmen remain to continue developing, several of whom show great promise. I have high hopes for the next couple of seasons! And meantime, I can relax rather than zip around the country for the next unknown number of weekends.

Speaking of relaxing, I caught up on some of the contents of my TiVo today, including the recent new episodes of "Jericho" and tonight's "Battlestar Galactica." Now watching a "House" rerun that only looks vaguely familiar. Glad I didn't just delete it unwatched!

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