Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


Meetings on campus go better with a cappuccino from the Gimme! truck behind Mann Library. I didn't think I had time, but since there was no line when I walked by, I stopped on the way from my parking space.

It's actually nice enough to walk to campus, but I took the car over to Pyramid Mall to deliver some DVDs to seity1 and have lunch with her, Lori, and Lynn. Mmm, bourbon chicken and green beans! Maybe I'll go for a walk down the path after I get back to the office, as long as it stays this sunny. There was talk of mostly cloudy for the afternoon, though.

The loaner car I picked up from Bill Cooke when I dropped mine off this morning is filthy, all the more obvious because it's a white car. It's also a station wagon! Can't imagine the last time I drove one of those. And it's an automatic. My left foot only hit the edge of the brake pedal once, trying to find the non-existent clutch. Luckily, I wasn't going that fast at the time, and caught myself before slamming it all the way down.

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