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Look! A tree!

Sam was in town visiting Janis until today, but I didn't know about it until I was already en route to Kansas City! He decided it was worth putting off his departure until after lunch today so we could get together briefly before he drove back to his Army base in Missouri.

Missouri?! I just came back from there!

So Sam picked me up at work and we went down to the Greek House. (Sam vaguely wanted to go to Aladdin's, then he commented that the food was better and cheaper at the Greek House, which lacks only the ambience. Fine by me.)

Just after we ordered, Janis (Sam's wife, a Cornell vet student) called my cell phone. She'd been unexpectedly cut loose from vet school for a few hours, and came to join us!

I get to see Janis once in a while, since she's mostly in Ithaca, though busy. Seeing Sam is a rare treat, and I'm glad he stayed in town a few extra hours!

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