Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Cute new store!

This afternoon was so gorgeous that I just had to get outside for a bit and go for a walk. I strolled down to the other end of the trail across the street from my office, and though I meant to continue through the next block, I stopped when I noticed the new store where exmalibu's mom's knitting shop used to be, on Mitchell Street not far down from East Hill Plaza and just above the school.

French Lavender is a new privately owned "fine flowers & gifts" boutique with some beautiful flowers and plants, gifts that include perfumes and cosmetics (such as natural lip balms), gourmet food items like a delicious artichoke tapenade and fancy mustard, and some fascinating old furniture. It's a really eclectic collection of stuff, but it all seems to fit together nicely. I bought a couple of items for a friend's birthday, and will certainly be back. I think you'd like it, queenmabwords.

It's odd to have sunny and 60s and yet see so much snow still on the ground. It's melting pretty fast at this point.

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