Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Nice to have a friend who's a cook!

PlatedMy weekly TV nights always involve refreshments, even if it's just a glass of water, a Coke, or a beer. But they often include food, whether it's wings, pizza, or something I've cooked up. Leslie from the [info]Queen of Tarts has been one of my regulars lately, and she's eaten my homemade mac & cheese and shown up with fun things to share before, like creme brulee.

Well, for last night Leslie said she was inspired to cook, and asked if she could come early and make dinner. Why, sure! She showed up with some local organic duck breasts, fresh snow peas, and prepped ingredients to make an absolutely delicious sweet potato hash with onions and apples. She drizzled the duck with balsamic vanilla sauce, and it was all just absolutely delicious.

I helped by chopping the cilantro, but mostly stayed out of the way of the master. Oh, and took a few pictures, naturally.

As a business owner who runs herself ragged, Leslie said she really enjoyed the rare opportunity to sit and relax over dinner (I guess dining with her teenage son isn't so relaxing). As for me, I figured it was nice to have an excuse to excavate the dining room table and eat there instead of in front of the TV.

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