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Mmm, leftovers

I think the swordfish hibachi is the best thing I've had at Kyushu so far. Sara and I went there last night after I rescued her on campus so she didn't have to take the bus home.

Oddly, she was not interested in splitting my eel and cucumber roll!

Not nearly as much fun to sit at a table rather than the hibachi, but the food's more or less the same. And, with the sushi and the vegetable tempura Sara wanted, and the soup and salad that came with the dinner, I had plenty left to have a small lunch today before setting out. I know I'll be fed on the PIT-SFO leg, so I don't need dinner at the airport.

I wonder what kind of plane I'll be on. My itinerary says Airbus A321, but flight 741 inbound from London to Pittsburgh is a Boeing 767. Wonder if they swap planes before taking off for San Francisco (it leaves from a different gate than the Gatwick flight arrives at) or if I'm on a 767 instead of an A321. I like the Airbuses, but I haven't been on that many 767s. Would love to try a 777 sometime...

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