Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Dinner, before and after... (202.4)

Thanks to everyone who provided some suggestions on what to serve with last night's tuna steak. I made oven-roasted red potatoes and snow peas along with the tuna, which I marinated in olive oil, minced fresh ginger, and lots of freshly ground black pepper while the potatoes cooked.

Tuna Dinner

I'll be heating up some leftovers for lunch soon. Uploading food pictures always makes me hungry! Why do I always do it late morning?

Also got lots of cleaning done last night, though of course my parents will probably still think my place is a mess when they get there. :-) They're staying with me for a couple of days while in town for the Johnson Museum opening reception tonight.

Meantime, knocking my head on a Mac OS X Server that I recently moved from my house (where I could sit down at it with a mouse and keyboard) to a server room, perhaps before it was ready. I'm finding remotely administering and configuring it to be a challenge! Might need to pay it a visit soon. Anyone got a copy of O'Reilly's Panther Server book handy?

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