Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Credit where Credit is Due

AnbindersSince I expressed my skepticism that the Johnson Museum would manage to provide a decent Passover-safe meal, I felt it was only fair to report back that they did well! Apparently they simply told the caterer to serve me a dinner that was fully Kosher for Passover, so that's what happened. I'm not so strict that I won't eat off regular plates, but the meal came sealed in plastic and foil from Cornell's Kosher dining hall, and was really quite good. The sticker hand-signed in Hebrew and English, I'm guessing by a Rabbi, amused me. The entree was a delicious roast chicken breast with fresh roasted apricots, and I'm going to have to try to mimic that. The salad was ordinary but fine, and the dessert was a dry and unappetizing cakeish thing. I'm not so much a dessert person that this was a catastrophe, though.

Here's a picture of my parents and me taken by the photographer who was there from University Photo covering the event. I briefly hesitated before asking her if she'd take one with my camera after snapping some official shots with hers, but I decided at least I was handing the fancy photog my snazzy Nikon and not my pocket Pentax. :-) She was shooting with one of the very-expensive Canons that University Photo invested in last year. I got to play with one for a few minutes in the fall. Hot equipment.

Overall, a fun evening, and I'm glad I went! There were several folks I knew at the Museum from my days doing computer consulting there, and the people we sat with at dinner were fun to chat with. My parents have been asleep for about an hour, I guess, and I think it's my turn to head to bed.

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