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Puppies!Forgot to mention I stopped at French Lavender (the new flower/gift shop on Mitchell Street) on my way home last night and got some puppy time. Ron mentioned earlier in the afternoon that Sue and Nichos had been there and seen a couple of cute puppies, so I figured it was worth a visit.

She says business has been booming this week thanks to Easter, and I'm sure it will heat up even more for Mother's Day in a few weeks. We talked about plants for my new not-basement office, and she said she'll have a good selection next Wednesday, so I'll go back then.

The pups are almost six weeks old, a brother-and-sister pair from a litter where the father was (mostly) a black lab and the mother was (mostly) a Rhodesian ridgeback. They're so cute! The girl is the runt of the litter, and spent half the time I was there bounding around being friendly, and the other half the time lying across her brother. He apparently mostly likes to lie around.

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