Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Coulda happened!

HondaI see them less and less often, not surprisingly, but there are still a few '84ish Honda Accords out on the streets. Just saw one this morning as I waited to cross the street from the [info]Queen of Tarts, disappointed once more at the absence of Passover-friendly eats. (It was a nice theory, but I guess too much effort. Luckily, I brought the last banana with me from home just in case.)

The Accord, probably an '85 if my eye for such things is still sharp, pulled out of the Maplewood Apartments parking lot and headed down Maple Ave, driven by a guy on a cell phone. Tsk! If I see him again, I'll be tempted to ask how many miles it's gone.

Would I still be driving my '84 Accord if I hadn't turned it into tin foil about 15 years ago? Hard to say. Even before that, I was eyeing the newer models, but had no particular plan to upgrade yet. Somehow I doubt I could have fended off the vehicular wanderlust quite that long. Still, I think that was the best car I've owned in terms of raw quality. Sad, huh?

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