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Bargain of the year...

Everything went pretty smoothly with my travels yesterday, but I am still stunned at the bargain that the SFO Airporter is. It's an independent commercial van service that runs every half hour between the San Francisco airport and downtown San Francisco... for $12.50 per person. (A taxi would cost $35-45.)

I only had to sit outside the baggage claim area for a few minutes before the next one (second to last of the night) pulled up.

I was the only passenger, so I got to chat with Peter, the friendly and outgoing Filipino man driving the van. He doesn't look old enough to have a 23-year-old son! But we talked about his family, his recent visit to Manila with his son for a nephew/godson's wedding, and his past jobs in San Francisco.

Turns out he used to regularly clean up the grounds and parking lot after games at Candlestick Park (now 3Com Park for those of you who haven't been around that long). He said the amount of broken glass from tailgates was staggering!

Also used to drive a sweeper at the San Francisco Airport, keeping the runways and tarmacs perfectly clear. Even a tiny pebble can cause a tire blowout at the "right" speeds and angle.

Since I was the only passenger and it was his last run, we took a different exit ramp than usual off the 101 so he could show me the nicely lit Giants stadium.

Going to San Francisco? Take the Airporter! And if you happen to run into Peter, tell him Mark says hi.

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