Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Yellow, Snow

Yellow, SnowNot yellow snow, mind you, but yellow and snow. See the neighbour wearing a bright yellow jacket, just above the center? Might be easier if you click for a bigger version.

No foot of snow, thanks to the temperatures cooling off enough for the rain to change to snow about 24 hours later than anticipated, but we do have a few inches on the ground and we're expecting several more.

( Ithaca area schools closed... )

Nowhere near enough sleep, of course. I turned up the phone volume before I went to bed, as I figured Jeff would be calling me to update the closings & cancellations page. I could try going back to sleep now that the flurry of updates has petered out, but I don't think there's a point any longer.

There's probably not so much snow on the driveway that I can't just drive over it, rather than waiting until the plow guy shows up. Guess I'll shower and head to work soon.
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