Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Buy my photos!

Washington Monument at DuskI doubt many people actually will, but I've taken advantage of the free service from ImageKind to set up a photo store with some of my photos that I think will have the broadest appeal.

Unless I want to pay a monthly fee, I'm limited to one gallery and up to 24 photos at a time. If you think there are other pics in my Flickr photostream that should be available for sale, let me know.

They sell high-quality prints with various photo finishes, but more interesting is their set of options for prints on canvas, and matted and framed prints. I'll probably end up buying one or two myself. My "photo store" has minimal markups, but I do earn a little bit if someone buys anything. (A nice part of the "scam" for them is that I earn 15% of extra matting and framing only if I have one of the paid accounts. As it is, with a free account, I just earn the couple percent over the base price.)

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