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The wrong movie

Saw "About Schmidt" tonight with BVC, the Ithaca Times movie reviewer and 14850 Cinema columnist.

I think it was the wrong type of movie for tonight... or I was in the wrong mood for it. I never quite bought it. Bryan, on the other hand, seemed to quite like it.

Where I saw cliché and stereotype, he saw a kernel of truth. I also found far too much of the movie predictable. I don't like knowing precisely what's going to happen, and it's rare that I'm the one who sees around each corner. He was obviously going to kiss the woman in the camper, and Kathy Bates was obviously going to hit on him, as two examples. Of course, I saw that envelope coming a mile away.

Nicholson was, not surprisingly, fantastic. I found myself wishing some of the other characters had a chance for some development. Some character. Kathy Bates was fine, but never got very far. The other characters were little more than empty shells.

Should you see it? *shrug* I'd wait for video, at this point.

Next on my list: "Nicholas Nickleby." Mmm.

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