Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


A couple of weeks ago, the new Rite-Aid had their freezers fail and they lost a lot of ice cream, frozen dinners, etc. This morning, the freezers seem fine, but the refrigerators are down to 15 degrees, and the milk is all frozen. Oopsie.

But, sunglasses are buy-one-get-one-free, just in time for the summer season! I grabbed a couple pair of one of the styles I like. And, the Betty Crocker Bowl Appetits are 99 cents instead of $1.79. Good office lunches!

And in other news, our building elevator is down for "preventive maintenance." I discovered this while Mo was heading towards it with an armload of eggs! Poor Mo. I don't use the elevator much; I'm more likely to walk down two flights of stairs and up one to get to the first floor. (You can't get from the second floor to the first floor otherwise, without going outside.) But I do know people who depend on that elevator. Maybe this'll be good for them...

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