Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

No more brunch

Grah. I called down to [info]Maxie's Supper Club to make sure they weren't skipping brunch tomorrow to prep for Ithaca College graduation dinner, and in fact there's no more brunch at all! Mother's Day was the last one. That's really upsetting! I loved their brunch.

Got a lot done today, including buying four UPSes (uninterruptible power supplies, basically a standby battery to power your computer, etc. for a little while if there's a blackout) at Best Buy. screwed up royally with the UPSes I ordered on Thursday, paying for Saturday delivery since overnight wasn't available. When these shipped late afternoon yesterday, Amazon forgot to mark them for Saturday delivery, and sent them "Next Day Saver," so they would not be delivered until Monday. No good. Despite several calls, they were unable to get UPS to change the shipping status so they'd get delivered today.

Turned out Best Buy had their Geek Squad brand of UPSes on sale, so I picked up four for a few bucks more than I was paying Amazon for two... three 700va units and one 1000va unit, instead of two 900va units. That allows a lot more flexibility. In addition to powering things through short blackouts, the UPS provides much steadier power so surges and spikes can't mess up your electronics. I'm putting them on the servers, and also on the TiVos and satellite receivers. If there's a power outage, my TiVo can keep recording the shows! The TV is not on the UPS, though; I'll watch later.

I also got to see a lot of this afternoon's Cornell vs Albany lacrosse quarterfinal (YAY!) and most of the Ottawa vs Buffalo hockey conference final (BOO!), both exciting overtime games, before heading over to the Johnson Museum for the Cornell Alumni Association annual meeting. I've just been elected president. (EEK!)

Off to bed. G'night!

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