Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Open wireless...

Not surprised to find someone's open wireless network, reachable not from the room but from the elevator foyer on our floor. I don't mind paying $10 a day (even if I'd prefer free) but €22 a day is ludicrous! (That's about $30.)

I'm exhausted after just dozing for a couple of minutes on the plane (we landed in Paris at around 1am Ithaca time, which is around when I'd be going to sleep, so sleeping earlier was tough) and a couple of minutes through Jeff's snoring when we were taking a nap break before dinner.

After a delicious breakfast buffet in the hotel after we arrived, we spent the bulk of the day visiting the Eiffel Tower, an adventure on which more later. Lunch was a simple salami and cheese on baguette, and an Orange Fanta. I wonder if that's completely supplanted Orangina. Haven't seen any of that yet. Poo.

Off to some nearby gardens soon, followed by supper, after which I expect to sleep extremely well. I found the earplugs.
Tags: paris

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