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23 May - Dinner at Tante Louise

Dinner Wednesday was at Tante Louise ("Aunt Louise"), a wonderful restaurant that had formerly featured the chef you probably heard about who killed himself a while back after losing one of his Michelin stars at his next restaurant. Or something. My foie gras appetizer was probably the best one of the whole trip, and the roast pork main course was outstanding. I also really enjoyed the dessert of "fraîcheur de pomme," a stack of chopped, fresh apple topped with cream of some sort, served with a little sorbet.

On the way back to the hotel, we walked back through the Hotel de Crillon, where we'd seen the Bugati out front earlier. Too expensive and luxurious even for my crazy parents to consider, even when they're without us, but we looked just well enough dressed to be able to walk in and sit down near the bar for a bit. A very impressive scotch selection! Not as broad as mine, but a good number of great whiskies, including a 40 year old Glenfiddich. I couldn't even bring myself to ask how much it would cost for a glass.

As we approached the hotel, we walked through an alley with those big cylindrical barricades that can be lowered into the street for cars to drive by, but look pretty imposing when they're up -- even without the two policemen at each end. We figured out it was because the big building along one side, opposite the hotel, was the American Embassy. Hint: Do not attempt to take a photograph of the American Embassy. The gendarmes do not appreciate it. I deleted the photo and showed the gendarme, and he was satisfied, and went back to guarding the photons around the building.

19 miles since Tuesday morning.
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