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Fun evening

A chunk of today was spent proving that someone's laptop really did have a hardware problem, so Apple would fix it under warranty. They told him it had to be software. Pft.

E-mailed Theresa this morning to ask if she wanted to get together for dinner, so we could catch up. We're both always in and out of town, and other than her brief visits for "West Wing" we hardly ever see each other, even three doors apart.

Good dinner at Q... turkey sausage gumbo followed by the vegetarian special, roasted eggplant with onions and sliced tomatoes on couscous. Mmmmmm. Theresa had a spinach salad and pulled pork. Then she came to watch last night's WW.

Then a brief visit to Applebee's for happy hour with guinness_duck and Denise and Joy. Beer is good. (Well, Labatt's is passable.)

Unexpectedly good "ER."

Turns out Oscar can't quite figure out celery. He's been eating it gradually, but hanging on it for long stretches of time.

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