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What a great weekend!

I got to spend lots of time scritching dogs... since Lisa and her dog Asimov shared our hotel room, and then a few of us visited Jesse and Teri and their three dogs and Teri's mom's dog.

In fact, when we got back to the hotel from Jesse and Teri's, where I spent about a half hour on the floor with Buster, Teddy, Jake, and Patchy, Asimov came over, sniffed me, and gave me a look as if to say, "You slut!"

Yesterday afternoon, before meeting Jesse and Teri for dinner, Tim and Chris and I spent a few hours at the National Air & Space Museum. I hadn't been there since I was a kid. Wow. :-) I need a few MORE hours next time! We also got to wander around the Mall a bit, and I got some great photos of the Capitol, Washington Monument, and even a bit of the White House at sunset.

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