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Lots of places we visited in France had scotch on hand, but only a couple had anything that really intrigued me. The Hotel Crillon had a 40-year Glenfiddich that I really wanted to try, but I didn't dare even ask what it would cost. It was one of three different Glenfiddichs, and they also had several other good whiskies.

I did indulge the next night at dinner, finding a simpler Glenfiddich but a specialty bottling that I hadn't seen before, and at the Chateau Audrieu, where I found a later edition of the Lagavulin that seity1 and I really went to Scotland to get. I'd gotten the 1980 Lagavulin Distiller's Edition as a house-sitting gift, and was able to get the 1984 at Talisker. Audrieu had the 1988. Very similar, and excellent; I think the 1984 is the best of the three.

Here's the next batch of photos! It includes dinner Chez Tante Louise (at Aunt Louse's) and our walk back, including the visit to Hotel Crillon and the Madeleine. I really liked the knives displayed in a store window, thus those photos.

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