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Awesome dinner with Bill at Tadich Grill, one of my San Francisco perennial favourites. Having opened in 1849, it's California's oldest continuously operating restaurant.

Oh, hey, I was so zonked that I never finished this entry last night! As usual, a wonderful dinner at Tadich Grill, and it was fun catching up with Bill. We split the Tadich Platter seafood sampler appetizer for two, and then I had a wonderful filet with bearnaise sauce, three huge prawns, steak fries, and what I think must be the tastiest broccoli I've ever had. We split a bottle of very good zinfandel from Sonoma.

I'm in the airport waiting area, all checked in and ready to go, with sourdough and Peet's to take with me. Today's airport adventures weren't too bad. I finished checking out of the hotel as the SuperShuttle was ready to leave, so I hopped in and off we went. 15 minute ride to the airport, and I was the first drop-off. Smoooth.

Then... long line at the US Airways check-in counters. They had to keep pulling people to the front for impending flights, but it wasn't too bad. I had fun chatting with a couple en route to DC for the guy's father's retirement ceremony after thirty years in the military, most recently with the JAG Corps. It took me a while to figure out why he looked familiar, and he was amused that it was because I thought he looked like Thomas Hayden Church.

They were flying standby, and hoping for a flight to open up. No way to know whether they made it, but I hope so. He got a call from his dad while we were near the front of the line, asking if they wanted to go see "Hamlet." The girl exclaimed, "You can't say that!" and I had to gently explain, "No, that's the other one." She really doesn't like Shakespeare much, but I told her that "Hamlet" is one of the funniest things ever, and they hardly ever do the whole four and a half hours. :-D And if she liked it, I said she should see "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead." The girl's father turned out to be a Cornell alum, and she was in Ithaca last November to interview at the business school. She decided she needs someplace less remote.

While we were in line, one of the ticket agents came around announcing that people on a flight to Philadelphia in the 700 range should be over at United. Luckily, I ignored her. I was positive my flight was operated by US Airways, not a codeshare, and I checked in without incident. I would have been pissed if I'd listened to her, walked all the way down to United, and then discovered I was in the wrong place.

I also managed to get switched to exit-row aisle seats for both legs. Woo!

Then at the security line, people started grabbing bins from a stack near a chair, until one of the TSA guys barked, "Don't use the brown bins." I considered offering to help him move them elsewhere so people wouldn't use them, but I decided to just raise an eyebrow at him, smile, and change to a different bin.

My entry was otherwise uneventful, with nary a comment about the empty water bottles that I then refilled at a water fountain.

I'm glad I didn't have a 7am flight, like my colleagues. Yuck. Joanne even changed to a hotel near the airport for last night so she could get up just a tiny bit later. I'm having trouble imagining she saved that much time compared to my transit, especially a few hours earlier, but I guess it's not always that easy.

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