Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Commuting to Cornell?

Note that Route 366 (Dryden Road) will be closed starting this Monday morning for 2-3 weeks, from the Maple Ave "five corners" intersection to the Hoy Road entrance to campus, so the City of Ithaca can mill and repave the road. Drivers and pedestrians will be affected!

This will mainly affect me when I'm leaving my office, which is on Maple Ave, since if I'm heading to campus or points north, I always go down Maple Ave and turn right onto Route 366. I virtually never go up Maple Ave and turn left onto Pine Tree Road, because there's almost always enough traffic coming one way or the other to make that left turn a real pain. That's going to be ten times worse for the next few weeks! Luckily, heading to Collegetown or downtown, or home, shouldn't be much harder than usual.

The good news is that the Queen of Tarts should get some extra exposure to drivers who are detoured past the shop! They just won't have the time or patience to stop. :-\

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