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I'm really enjoying Live Earth, which I wrote about earlier in mark_tv. Won't get to watch much more of it in HD, since I need to head up to Cortland for a birthday party soon, but I'm hoping to enjoy some more on XM on the way. There's been some really good stuff, including Metallica, Black Eyed Peas, Keane, and Enrique Iglesias.

Interesting how the Shanghai and Tokyo concerts are only being shown a few minutes at a time in "highlights" clips, a few bars of each of several acts. I guess these shows are long over (it's tomorrow by now) and most of the acts wouldn't appeal to a western audience, but it would still be nice to see a little more.

Oddly, the U.S. concert, which should have started over an hour ago at the Meadowlands, hasn't made an appearance yet. I did tune in this morning in time to see Al Gore introduce the brief show (one song?) at the Washington, DC stage. Guess I should look and see what XM channel the U.S. show is on, and tune to that. Spectacular lineups there and at Wembley.

Edit: Ha. I posted the above just in time for them to cut to the DC stage, where Blues Nation is playing.

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