Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Ice cream man!

Despite being almost an hour "late," I was the first guest to arrive and they were still showering, and such. Not too surprising, I suppose. :-) As I was walking something back out to the car that wouldn't be needed, I heard the telltale strains of music wafting from a truck slowly meandering down the street. It was the ice cream man!

I'm not normally all that into ice cream, but I couldn't resist buying a few things to share. I enjoyed my chocolate malt cup, and Geoff seemed excited by the Klondike bar. :-)

Got to see a few folks I've met before at Eli's parties, and met several interesting new people! All the beer and some of the soda I brought vanished, along with most of the cole slaw and pickled asparagus, and the strip steak I brought to grill was a hit among the less herbivorous of the guests.

I realized pretty quickly that one of the guests looked familiar, but had no idea why. Luckily, she'd recognized me. She works for one of my longtime consulting clients who I haven't seen in a few years, and the last time I saw her, she had just had a baby, so she's looking substantially slimmer! Also met her sister and brother and a couple of random, entertaining friends of theirs.

Eli's a big music pusher, so she had some great musicians performing at the party. This was definitely one of the highlights of the evening! I also love the new place, which is essentially a converted garage/barn behind someone else's house, but they have a great yard. That's especially good for the dogs! I think the surreal part of the evening was watching a group set up and burn a bonfire in a nearby churchyard.

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