Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

How to bypass AT&T's credit check for an iPhone

If you want to activate an iPhone without giving AT&T your real Social Security Number to perform a credit check, just enter "999-99-9999" into the SSN fields when you are activating it in iTunes. This kicks you to the same process used for people whose real SSN results in a failed credit check... instead of signing you up for a two-year plan, you have to sign up for the month-to-month GoPhone prepaid plan. This may end up being more expensive than the monthly cost of the regular contract plan, but there's no two-year commitment and no credit check.

They may fix this hole if they haven't already, though there may really not be any way for them to do so, since our nine-digit SSN system doesn't allow for computerized "is this a valid number?" decisions. If the above number stops working (presumably they could just check for that number) you ought to be able to enter another bogus SSN.

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