Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Pretty good food weekend!

Last night's dinner at An Poitin Stil I've already mentioned, but I'll say it again... we had an outstanding dinner, and everyone came away happy. The vegetarian (who eats seafood) loved her fish and the shrimp and calamari fra diavolo appetizer Will and I were sharing, and the not-so-adventurous diner did great with the bangers and mash. My stuffed rockfish (with crabmeat) was really wonderful. Nice to have a place near the con hotel that's so consistently good and so consistently impressive.

After I gave blood at lunchtime, I decided a decent lunch was in order, so while I was talking with Emmett and Stephanie for a while at the lounge over iced teas, I ordered a reuben. It was pretty tasty, not quite as big as I'd have liked, but it ended up being plenty. (Largely because I ate most of the good steak fries, though.)

And several of us went off to find San Sushi tonight; we'd spotted it on the way back from the Stil last night, and Jason said it was good, so off we went. We really had quite a thorough dinner, with lots and lots of sushi and more, for a reasonable amount of money. I think Ithaca's new Sushi O Sake is as good, but this was certainly a fine sushi dinner. It was nice to find sushi that used crab where most places use sea leg; this is, after all, Maryland! And as Jason pointed out, there were massive chunks of tuna in a thin layer of rice, where in some places you'd find slivers of tuna in the midst of a large blob of rice.

Met a few fun new people, and of course I've taken lots of pictures, including several of friends as The Justice League. Otherwise, it's mostly been a mellow time. Not enough sleep last night, which means I probably won't get too far into tonight's partying.

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