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Aaron Douglas at Shore LeaveWaiting in autograph lines at cons can be mind-numbingly dull, which is why I almost never do it. (Also, I really don't collect autographs, so there's rarely a point.) But since I had to wait for Will and Mike anyway, I eventually decided to join them on the line (they were near the back) to say hi to Nichelle Nichols and Aaron Douglas. I've discovered a few times that being near the end of the line also means things are calming down a bit, and the star rarely minds chatting for a moment; the end is in sight. :-) And since I'm more interested in chatting than the autograph, they're sometimes happy to rest their hand for a moment.

After seeing very little con programming on Saturday, I'm glad I spent most of yesterday afternoon going to the guest talks. Paul McGillion was very funny, Aaron Douglas is one of the best new guests I've seen in a while, and Nichelle Nichols is still sweet, funny, and a great speaker.

Having just seen them talk, it was easy to chat with both Nichelle and Aaron for a moment. Nichelle seemed to appreciate my comment that she hasn't aged a bit since I first saw her over 15 years ago. And I commented to Aaron how great it was that he spent the whole weekend hanging out with people and making friends, rather than hiding in a hotel room and surrounding himself with handlers for the walk from room to stage and back. He talked on stage about what fun the cons in London are, so maybe I'll consider going to one of those, one of these days. (Though with the exchange rates what they are these days, that could be hugely expensive.)

Got a decent night's sleep last night, after two nights with way too little, but I'm still feeling the effects of the weekend's inadequate rest. Coffee is helping.

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