Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Wings and dollar movie

As much as I've enjoyed the times I've gone to the Crooked Board for their all-you-can-eat wings and beer nights, I guess I can't say their closing will be a culinary disaster for the area. :-) Sure, it's fun, but especially with the price hitting $14, it's not even still the amazing deal it once was. (Maybe if they had better beer than Blue Light or Yuengling.) Nevertheless, I felt I should go one last time, before they close next week, so I met Mike out there last night. It was also nice to see several of my fraternity brothers, including a few I'd never met before, and hang out with them for a bit after we were done with the wings.

Mike's friends who were also coming had backed out, but were going to meet him at the new Regal Cinemas 14 for one of the $1 movies. They were going to see "Knocked Up," and Mike asked if I wanted to join them. Since it was on my list of things to see anyway, I figured it was worth doing for a buck! (The grand opening is this Friday, but they're doing three nights in a row, through tomorrow, of $1 movies, $1 soda, and $1 popcorn. Schedule here.)

Regal Cinemas 14 at Ithaca MallI brought my camera in to take pictures for an as-yet-unwritten article, and the Regal marketing guy who'd flown in for the week made a beeline for me. Just then, Mike arrived, so the two of us got a grand tour of the whole new facility. Very nice! There are two really-big auditoriums, I think numbers 7 and 8, and then twelve others of varying sizes. Everything's in good shape, and the all-digital audio sounds fantastic! Sadly, they didn't put in any digital projection or a large-format IMAX screen.

The movie itself was actually terrific, even better than I'd expected after hearing it was well done. It was funny and touching at the same time, and ended up being surprisingly plausible. They also did an awesome job making Katherine Heigl look pregnant when she didn't have clothes on over her abdomen. (Realism under a layer of clothes is way easier.)

"Contact" tonight, and I'm not sure about my schedule yet, but I may try to do "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" tomorrow, so I can then see the new movie.

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