Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Food and $1 movie, again

Singapore Noodles at Easy WokThis time, the food was at Café Square with Meredith, but while she went for a turkey sub (that Subway doesn't have the smoked brisket, sadly), I got one of the cooked-to-order noodle dishes from Easy Wok. Instead of my usual, the Beef Ho Fun, I mixed it up by ordering the Singapore Noodles, which contains roast pork, shrimp, and veggies, with a mild curry sauce. I successfully managed to stop eating about halfway, but I forgot to bring the leftovers with me to work today!

Last night's $1 movie was "Contact," part of their series with a local focus last night to benefit the American Cancer Society. I have clear and fond memories of going to the "Contact" opening night festivities, not long after Dr. Sagan's death, at which Dr. Druyan spoke. I guess that was before I'd had a chance to get to know her. I'm very pleased how well this ten-year-old movie has held up. Unlike some other '90s sci-fi, the effects don't look at all cheesy, since they were done cleanly and without too much flashiness. There are a few points in that movie where I tend to get choked up, not least being the "For Carl" title at the end. Such an optimistic fictional movie alongside his scientific work and amazing talents for outreach add up to quite a legacy.

Popping a melatonin right after I got home probably helped me start to feel sleepy by 11. I was asleep before midnight, which is pretty rare! A couple more nights like that and I'll be in good shape.

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