Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Need a Dual G4?

A friend has a Power Mac G4 dual-processor minitower available for sale. I was thinking about it, but I no longer really need it. It's got two 800 MHz PowerPC G4 processors, a SuperDrive (reads and writes CDs and DVDs), 60GBish hard drive, 1GBish of RAM. Large clunky monitor if you want it, keyboard and mouse. Make an offer and I'll pass it along. (Note that this isn't a readily shippable item, so you probably only want this if you're local.)

This is the same calibre as my home desktop computer. It will run Tiger just fine now, and should run Leopard just fine when it's released. It is not an Intel Mac, and won't run Windows natively as current Macs will.

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