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If you're curious for more details on the soup I made tonight, I first sauteed some scallions and a little minced fresh ginger in butter, then added the duck stock (still mostly frozen), and a handful each from frozen bags of corn kernels, green peas, baby broccoli florets, and cut spinach. (The veggies are among the kitchen leftovers I inherited when a friend moved out of town this spring.)

I then added a little fresh rosemary and snipped in some fresh sage, poured in a dash of sherry, and added some bits of chicken they had in the freezer from the last time they made soup. While the soup simmered, I cooked a bag of Barilla tortelloni about halfway, knowing it was going into hot liquid. Drained the tortelloni and added it to the soup, which continued simmering until we were ready for it.

The soup came out delicious! I've still got one container of duck stock left for further experimentation, but then I'll have to roast another duck. :-) It actually occurred to me too late that I should've saved the rib bones, after the meat all fell off as I slow-cooked them last night, to make beef stock. Ah well. There'll be other bones.

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