Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

$300 HD TiVo and lunch

Just wrote about the attractive, new $300 TiVo HD in mark_tv if you're interested in such televisiony things. It's sure a big improvement over the $800 TiVo Series3.

Good lunch with a friend who's looking to find employment more stable than his current patchwork job made up of multiple funding sources, and wanted to talk about CIT. A couple of jobs seem well suited for him, and I've already mentioned his name to a couple of relevant people. He grabbed the check when I was in the men's room, foiling my original plan to treat him to lunch. Ah well. I'll get my revenge.

Also talked to another friend who's worked at Cornell for 20 years (as of August) whose job is evaporating in a few days. *sigh* He wants to stay in the area, so I'm also checking around for possible IT jobs for him.

Enjoying a cup of PG Tips tea from across the street, though it's not quite the same as the coffee I'd be drinking if I didn't want to limit my afternoon caffeine today.

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