Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Still not impressed with Quiznos

Steakhouse Beef Dip SubMore tomorrow, since I ought to go to bed, but I stopped by Quiznos to try their smoked brisket sub as a follow-up to my Subway adventure last weekend, and they are out of brisket. No idea when they'll get more. They also had an empty (out of order) drink cooler and were out of napkins. This all sounds suspiciously like a store that's about to be closed but no one's told the help yet.

I got a passable, if not exciting, Steakhouse Beef Dip sub instead. It was OK, though as you can tell from the picture, it wasn't overflowing with meat by comparison to Subway's offering, the way the TV commercials suggest. The side salad I got as part of my $2 meal deal (also got a fountain drink) was pretty impressive, though. Luckily, the smoke smell from the west end fire didn't follow me inside; it was very noticeable in the parking lot.

Off to bed. Welcome back, LiveJournal!

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