Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Podcasting follies

One of the reasons I don't get around to as much podcasting as I ought to, even when I'm already creating the content for other things, is that it's a pain to update the web files that let you know, or let your iTunes know, that there's something new to listen to. I record a new episode of the 14850 Dining Report for WVBR nearly every week, but almost never get around to adding them to the podcasts.

Well, inspired by the latest Radio Free Burrito, I decided to play with GarageBand a bit, since it's supposed to make podcasting much easier. I guess I can say it makes it more interesting, but I don't know about easier! I've just turned two dining reports into podcast episodes, complete with photos and web links, but I still had to do all of the work myself to update those web files behind the scenes.

I'm also not sure it's possible to create MP3 files with GarageBand. It seems to only spit out M4A files. I can convert those to MP3 in iTunes if I want to, but then they lose the photos and links. I'm figuring most people can use these MPEG-4 audio files by now, even if they don't use iPods or iTunes to do their listening. I'm clearly not the only one putting out podcasts in this format.

Ah well. Check it out.

You can visit to read and click links, or give to your podcast software (such as iTunes) or RSS reader.

I'll probably try to do a little more work over the next few days filling in some more of the gaps in the coverage. The previous episode I'd uploaded was an extra-long file when what I recorded was too long for use on the radio but I thought might be fun to hear.

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