Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Simple Pleasures

I don't think I've ever had breakfast at a Chick-Fil-A before! And now, I'm hoping to have a chance to do it again. While I could have had a more typical egg and sausage or bacon and cheese on a biscuit, I'm pleased that I took the road less traveled, and had a chicken on a biscuit. Yum! The combo included a small box of hash browns and a small cup of decent dark-roast coffee, and the total price after tax was still under $4. Not too shabby.

I'm really glad we weren't traveling yesterday, when lots of rain and even apparently some tornadoes were affecting air travel in the New York and Philadelphia areas. The humidity definitely seems to have broken a bit; we had a clear flight down to Philly and could see the ground the whole way. (We also stuck to around 12,000 feet, at ATC's request.)

We should be boarding our next flight in a little less than an hour. And for those who'd lost track, I'm en route to Denver with pkdan and willdevine for a fun-filled weekend!

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