Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Hi from Phoenix

They had to swap out the planes for the Phoenix to Colorado Springs flight, and the new plane was smaller. We got bumped. We are now on standby on the 11:45 to Denver (which is better than Colorado Springs) and will be the first three to get on if they get volunteers. We'd arrive in Denver at 2:30pm.

Everyone's eyes are getting wide when they figure out what we've been through so far, and the people on the ground are doing their best to help. Wish it were more effective.

If we don't make it on that 11:45am flight, the next routing takes us back to Las Vegas and thence to Denver arriving at 2:56am. We're now pushing the edge of the point at which we bag it and tell them to take us home.

31 1/2 hours in.

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