Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

Winding down

Hey, all! Closing ceremonies are behind us, though a little oddly, there are still a few scheduled events, including the "How to run an IC" panel, starting at 1. I'll need to be at that.

Then, I got a good rate on a car rental to pick up a block from here (that we can return at the airport tomorrow at no extra charge) to bop down to Leadville to visit Neil and Tina for dinner. They're the cyclists who couchsurfed with me last summer in the middle of their five-day biking tour of the Finger Lakes.

Today's drama was mostly good drama! At the closing ceremonies, Bran called Christina up for one more presentation, and got down on one knee, took out a ring, and asked her to marry him. I had a few minutes' warning, so I have good pictures. :-) And, we got Les on the phone one more time from Iraq to say goodbye to everyone. Good to talk to you, pal!

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