Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,


We made it to Philadelphia on time. The several very small children on the plane here were mostly well-behaved!

Speaking of small children, the six-year-old in front of us at the security line in Denver asked why everyone has to remove their shoes. His father said it was to keep everyone safe, and the boy still looked curious, so I added, "It's to make sure your feet aren't stinky." That, he bought. It was a ridiculously long line, but it moved quickly. In addition to wending around the usual rope maze, it snaked out and past the baggage claim, a quarter of the way around the terminal building.

I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get to see "Spider-Man 3" on the way out (though I doubt it would have been very complete) but I enjoyed "Shrek the Third" on today's flight. Very cute. I followed it up by listening to the "Shrek" soundtrack on my iPod while reading "Outlander." It had been recommended to me last summer, and I bought several of the books, but I never managed to get into it. Fun stuff, set in Scotland.

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