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The cathartic effect would have been stronger if Cornell's hockey team hadn't had such a weak night, but at least this time Colgate's performance was weaker... and the stunningly poor officiating didn't directly impact the game's outcome this time.

Watching Cornell defeat an increasingly frustrated Colgate squad, yelling my throat raw, and getting into the adrenaline of both hockey itself and the anger aimed at the referee, was very cathartic.

From there, guinness_duck and I went down to Simeon's to join the folks that jccohen had assembled, only to find that there was no room for us at the inn. So to speak. :-) We meandered a bit before winding up at the Lost Dog at pkdan's suggestion. They were closing in minutes, but let us in anyway. All we had to do was get our food orders in soon; the bar would keep serving until we stopped ordering.

They now have Yuengling Lager on tap, which was a delightful surprise. Two pints of that, some coconut shrimp which I shared with Alex, and a medium well burger with caramelized onions ("Sorry, we don't do grilled onions, but will caramelized onions be OK?") and cheddar, were just what the doctor ordered.

J.C. drove out to get Marlo and David, who're carless because of an accident on Friday night. They're mostly OK, though Marlo was a bit sore. It didn't take much to convince her that a glass of wine (she rarely drinks) would make a good muscle relaxant, and after all, she didn't have to drive anywhere.

When I got home, still a tad buzzed, I chatted with folks for a little while, then hopped in bed and finished Four and Twenty Blackbirds. Amazon seems to be out of stock, but B&N might still be taking orders. Highly recommended.

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