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Pool party (203.6)

Asian Shrimp Pasta SaladLooks like the weather will be too cool to do much in the pool tomorrow, but jccohen and I are off to Alden (in Western New York, this side of Buffalo) late morning to Tom and Bridget's house for what's probably becoming just a picnic. That'll be fine!

I probably already had some shrimp in the freezer, but I had to stop at the supermarket on the way home anyway, and bagged, frozen shrimp was on sale (buy one, get one free), so I got more. Made some Asian shrimp pasta salad to bring along. Recipe over in recipe_sharing.

A really good several hours today at Barton Hall, answering computing-at-Cornell questions for freshmen and their parents. I've always enjoyed this, so I do it every year. I also get a free CIT shirt out of it each year, but this year's XL is huge on me. Even though CIT has nothing to do with computer sales, one of this year's frequent questions was from parents concerned about the Dells that haven't been delivered as promised. Apparently, Dell had a factory fire somewhere, and is weeks behind in delivering laptops. Cornell isn't the only college that's missing already-sold machines in large quantities.

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