Mark (mhaithaca) wrote,

A great Saturday!

What a genuinely pleasant day! I figured I'd enjoy it, but I think I even surprised myself as to how much fun it was to drive up to Alden (near Buffalo) with jccohen for the pool party and picnic. It was a special treat to see dblaser_ca and crew there, as well. Actually, several of those folks I'd just seen out in Denver last weekend, but that was OK.

J.C. and I had a good time on the drive, and got to do lots of chatting, which I've kind of missed. It's been a while. We even cracked ourselves up a couple of times. :-) No doubt nothing that would be as funny out of context to someone else.

There was loads of good food, not surprisingly, and Dave kindly brought a 12-pack of Brador that I opened up to share. (Set half aside to bring home. I'm not that generous.) We'd also stopped at the store on the way to the party to pick up some "can cheese" to fulfill Deb's cravings. They can't get Easy Cheese in Canada. How sad! So, consider it a mutual "smuggling" operation.

A few of us made it into the pool, whose water was in the upper 70s this afternoon even though the air temperature never got much above 70. It was very refreshing, but I also didn't feel rushed out when Tom announced food was ready. The storms that came through last night really did a nice job of both cooling off a large swath of New York and knocking down the humidity.

Got some laundry going now, and I'll hit the hay when it's in the dryer. Lots of driving plus lots of sitting in the sun equals zonked Mark.

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